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We are blessed to have cared for more than 10,000 patients over the past 16 years. Having seen this many patients, we have found that people who seek chiropractic care can be grouped into three categories.
  • The first group comes to the chiropractor with a "crick" in the neck or a "kink" in the back. After a few visits this patient's problem is corrected.
  • The second group are people dealing with chronic conditions such as scoliosis, arthritis, or disc problems. These patients gain great relief from chiropractic but realize that regular care is required because these conditions don't get "fixed".
  • The third group of patients utilize chiropractic care as part of a natural and holistic approach to life. These folks eat healthier, exercise regularly, take vitamins, and use chiropractic adjustments for an overall healthy lifestyle.

Estes Chiropractic Center is a full-service chiropractic office that wants you to imagine life without pain. You do not have to live in pain.


At Estes Chiropractic Center we focus on patient needs. As a leader in the chiropractic industry we set the standard for quality customer service while providing the best in chiropractic care.


The Estes brothers use multiple techniques to treat patient.
Pierce Technique
Thompson Drop Technique
Diversified Technique
Toggle Technique
Instrument Adjusting Technique
Diversified Technique
Diversified Technique
Video Fluoroscopy: Spine In Motion, Moving Picture
Diversified Technique
Diversified Technique
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